Vinyl Sunrooms & Porch Enclosures

vinyl design sunroom

Custom designed vinyl sunrooms and enclosures add living space and year-round enjoyment.


Structural Design

We take great care to ensure that the pieces, parts, and production of each sunroom are created to endure wind, weather, and wear and tear. Even if that wear and tear is your Big Uncle Bob leaning against the walls at your next birthday party. We take into consideration the usage requirements, the style of your home, the location of the room in relation to your home and property, and we also examine any local building codes. We can customize your window sizes and build your sunroom without vertical fill panels that will obscure the view. And don’t worry, our goal is to get those windows as big as we can to let in the light.


Structural Components

Produced using pure uPVC – minimal cleaning, and no scraping, painting, caulking or glazing. Fusion-welded windows for the strongest and tightest joints, eliminating air and water leaks. Interior and exterior skins made of pebble-embossed vinyl that is laminated to EPS (expanded polystyrene). EPS is treated with an insect retardant, and built to withstand years of use and abuse.


Wall System

  • 1/8″ think Aluminum-alloy hidden supports to reinforce the mainframe.
  • Hurricane wind rated performance and certification.
  • Exceeds all building codes.
  • Beams are used for large expanses, headers, load-bearing walls, and trusses.
  • Impervious to moisture (won’t expand, contract, warp, bend or twist)
  • No vertical fill panels
  • No visible internal or external fasteners


Windows and Door Systems

  • Specially designed roller systems for easy opening and closing
  • Dual sliding sashes
  • Full screens with fiberglass mesh are standard
  • Available in white, almond
  • Full-size, swinging primary entry door or sliding patio door
  • Double strength 7/8” insulated glass
  • French doors (optional)
  • Double hung and casement windows optional


Roof Systems

  • Superior Interlocking design with an integrated gutter.
  • Interior and exterior skins made of embossed aluminum that is laminated to EPS with a scratch resistant finish for maintenance-free, long-term beauty
  • EPS is treated with insect retardant
  • Optional shingled roof available
  • 2’ x 4’ operable or fixed skylights available


Floor Systems

The floor of your sunroom is just as important as what we construct on top of it. Your new sunroom can be built on your existing deck if it meets local code requirements. A cement slab can also be used if it is properly footed. Or use our best prefabricated insulated floor system for the most warmth and stability. As always we will provide recommendations to guarantee a suitable, weather resistant, and enduring structure.


Insulated Floors:

  • Superior strength combined with an impressive energy rating.
  • Withstands up to 95 pounds per square foot based upon structure spans
  • Constructed with an insect resistant EPS core and laminated to OSB (Orientated Strand Board) for strength
  • OSB is tongue and groove for a gap-free fit and appearance
  • OSB Suitable for any type of floor covering including Carpet, Tile or Laminate
  • Each panel is coated with a durable vapor barrier to keep out the elements
  • Insulated floor system available in nominal 4” or 6” thickness.



Like our windows products, our sunrooms and patio rooms are built with expert technology and engineering. SuperSpacer® technology is used as an insulating spacer. And with vinyl versus aluminum, our sunrooms are structured to last a lifetime without rust streaks, leaks or other energy issues.  Check out our blog “Plan Now for Your New Vinyl Design Sunroom



Options are something we are proud to include in our custom sunrooms and patio rooms.
Low-E coating is available on our windows. Your sunroom can be white or beige, but doors and mini blinds can add to the ambiance as well.


Mini blinds

We have the ability to place mini blinds between our non-grided glass to help keep your windows even more uncluttered. They also help prevent wear and tear from pets or children.



A sliding patio or full-view swing door comes standard in our patio rooms, but if you want to let in a crowd, a stronger breeze, or more light, then our French doors option might just be for you. Our patio doors also come with their own set of options and benefits.


Glass Options

The glass is an integral part of a sunroom and one in which you should also have some choices. Our glass options include Low “E”, Solarban 70, and tinted.



We also offer diamond grid or traditional colonial grids. Our grid system is within the two panes of glass, so cleaning isn’t obstructed.


Decorative and Etched Glass 

Beautiful stained or leaded glass can uniquely filter glass into the home. Etched glass can provide elegance with v-grooved patterns. We also offer various patterns that obscure the view and allow for privacy in baths or bedrooms.


Sunroom Windows

Our sunrooms come with optional windows as well, depending on your preference. To find out more about each of these styles you can view the details about casements and double hung windows right here on our website.