Bay and Bow Windows

MountainView Bay & Bow Windows

Windows are an important component of any home – bringing in natural light, affecting the home’s overall look, and framing the world outside. A bay or bow window can dramatically change the look and feel of any room in the house. Bay and bow windows combine the functionality of replacement windows with the craftsmanship of a fine piece of furniture. These windows make any room feel more spacious and add a new focal point. Our bay and bow windows are made with skilled craftsmanship and from high quality materials. Each is structurally sound and mulled together with solid wood mullions. The interior showcases real wood trim around each individual window, as opposed to the commercial solid white look of vinyl mulled units.

General Information

  • Projection windows are built to custom opening sizes.
  • Frames can be built to accommodate any wall thickness.
  • Many different insert window (sash) combinations are available.
  • All normal replacement window options are available for the insert windows (sash).
  • A variety of projection angles including 15-, 30- or 45-degree Bay Window Styles; 10- and 15-degree Bow Window Styles with your choice of three, four or five lites; and custom styles, on any half degree, are also available
  • All units are available in either Red Oak (for staining) or Birch (for painting).
  • Available in all standard exterior and interior colors of vinyl.

New Life to an Old Room:
A projection window will create greater space inside your home. Projection windows add depth to the opening and will allow you to get a larger view of the space outside your home. The hardwood frame of these windows will add warmth to the surrounding area, as well as creating a seat or shelf for you to utilize. The seat of this window can be cushioned or decorated, and can be a great place to relax on a beautiful day. The added depth of these windows will make your room feel more spacious and open. Projection windows reach out to provide your room with more natural light. Installing one of these windows can be viewed as an easy-to-do addition to any room.

Curb Appeal:
Adding a bay or bow window to your home can add dimension to an otherwise bland or flat exterior appearance. The dramatic look of these
windows will definitely catch the neighbor’s eye. If you want to give your flat walls some flair, a projection window is a good choice for you.

All The “Bells & Whistles”:
A large variety of decorative options are available to personalize your new showcase window to match your own style and home. Whether you would like a copper custom roof, recessed interior lighting, or the rich sheen of a factory stain finish, a host of options are at your fingertips.

Standard Design Feature Summary

CNC Precision & Dowel Pin Location
The foundation for quality when building projection windows is in the plywood frame and vertical mullions. If these two design elements are subpar, then trouble will follow. All of our frames are cut with and mullions located by using precision CNC technology. Reaching this high level of accuracy assures that every projection window we sell is rich in craftsmanship and durability.

Premium Grade Hardwood Plywood Construction
Head, seat and jambs feature furniture-grade 1-1/4″ hardwood veneer plywood in either Red Oak (for staining) or Birch (for painting).

Real Wood Interior Trim
The interior of your new projection window will be trimmed with solid Red Oak or Birch. Real wood interior trim adds warmth and craftsmanship to these showcase windows. The molded trim breaks up an otherwise flat and bland appearance making the bay or bow feel like it is a part of the room and not just an afterthought.

Insulated Sill Design
Each seat board is insulated to ensure quality performance and dependable energy savings.

Dual Mullion System
Our two-part system combines the common steel rod mullion with the structural integrity of a solid Timberstrand® mullion.
– Timberstrand is 25% stronger than standard woods, such as pine.
– Timberstrand is a moisture resistant filler and will not warp or twist
over time.
– The pressed force of the steel rod mullion assembly will not loosen or
fail over time – unlike lag bolts, screws or clips.

Weeped Sill Pan System
The sill pan is fully weeped and features a sloped sill. This system is a secondary measure which protects the internal assembly from, unlikely, water penetration or condensation.

Offset Nose Design & Exterior Appearance
The exterior was designed to offer functionality, along with a regal appearance. The offset nose, beveled profiles, and nonlinear jambs work together flawlessly to provide superior craftsmanship while helping direct water away from important areas.

Design Features

Insulated Sill
In a world of growing energy concerns and rising energy costs,
insulating the seat board is a necessity. A well-insulated seat
board helps lower energy costs and protects against cold air
transfer, condensation problems, and finish failures. All bay and
bow windows come standard with an insulated seat board that
has been integrated seamlessly into the window’s overall design.
A 1-1/2” thick insulated panel is attached to the hardwood
plywood seat. Combined, this creates a 2-3/4” sill which yields
an insulating value of R7.

Dead Stop Installation
Insert windows are independently installed and are mulled together using our “Dual Mullion” system providing the freedom to combine virtually any window styles.  Inserts can be installed on jobsite and they can be removed individually if needed.

Moisture Resistant Filler
The Timberstrand® mullion not only provides unprecedented structural stability to the frame but also acts as a moisture resistant filler. It effectively eliminates condensation associated with ambient air and serves as a non-conductive thermal break.

Weeped Sill Pan System
Every projection window features a fully integrated and weeped sill pan – carefully designed to provide an efficient secondary measure against water penetration. A sloped sill feeds into large water chambers that drain through discreetly fabricated weep holes located on the exterior cladding. The weep holes are baffled to reduce wind infiltration and to keep insects out. In the unlikely case that water or condensation reaches the internal assembly, the panning system protects the window from damage and keeps it dry.

Offset Nose Design & Exterior Appearance
Our exterior design comprises a unique combination of our offset nose, beveled profiles and non-linear jambs. Each component works in unison to create a properly finished regal exterior appearance that exudes a level of craftsmanship uncommon in most designs. Functionally, the offset nose correctly tucks exterior casing away, creating an overhang.  The overhang aids in water deflection and leaves a seamless nose molding without any unfinished areas to be sealed or maintained. Furthermore, a drip edge at the top of the unit works to direct water away from these important connections.

Decorative Options – Roofing Materials
Plywood, Painted Aluminum and Copper roofs available.

Decorative Options – Recessed Lighting
Recessed lights are available for both plug-in or hard-wired applications. Plug-in applications feature a 10′ cord with switch.

Decorative Options – Edge Banding
For greater visual depth and enhanced aesthetics, Red Oak or Birch premium edge banding covers the unfinished plywood edges to allow interior casing to be installed with a reveal.

Decorative Options – Factory Pre-Stained
Choose from several stain selections, as well as custom stain colors. Factory-finished interiors can save you time, money and the potential for costly mistakes.

Premium Adjustable Arm Cable Support System

  • Highly recommended this hanger kit is worth every penny.​
  • ATI tested to hold 3000lbs with ZERO slip of the cables
  • Features easy to install clamping anchors and steel plate eyebolts.

Decorative Options – Laminated Interiors
Interior lamination adds durability – helping to protect against dings and water damage. Five standard colors of laminated interiors are available on all projection windows. Choose from seat board only lamination or entire interior plywood lamination.

Decorative Options – Solid Surface Seat Boards
This 1/2″ thick solid-surface inlay creates a durable, weatherproof seat board with a flair all its own.

Decorative Options – Trim Packages
There is no better way to add elegant beauty and craftsmanship to projection windows than to complement this furniture-grade product with the proper trimmings. Choose from five ready-to-install complete trim packages, available in two distinct styles – Colonial or Fluted. Download our Brochure for more detail.